Standing Up To Domestic Violence Break the Silence

About BTSF — Our History & Vision

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Our History

In 2003, Maribel Garcia — the founder of BTSF and a survivor of domestic violence — completed the 40-hour core training course on domestic violence through Mayor Daley's Office on Domestic Violence. She then became a member of the Interfaith Advisory Committee to Mayor Daley's Office on Domestic Violence. Mrs. Garcia has also served on the advisory board of The Chicago Battered Women's Network. Currently, she is a certified and licensed crisis intervention chaplain.

In October 2005, we held a press conference to introduce BTSF to the general public. Since then, there have been many articles published concerning the foundation, our work in the community, and our immediate goals to better serve those suffering from domestic and child abuse. Mrs. Garcia has also been interviewed by local television and print media regarding her role as an advocate for reducing domestic violence and child abuse in our communities.

On October 2019, BTSF partnered with AAFPRS, (Amerian Academy of Facial And Plastic Reconstructive Surgery), to provide pro bono facial surgery to victims of domestic violence that need the surgery. There are over 2500 board certified plastic surgeons nationwide.For more information click on our FACE TO FACE tab. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to assist those in abusive relationships to end the cycle of violence. We aim to help them put their lives together one step at a time.

Our Mission

Our Mission: To help victims of domestic violence through crisis response, counseling, education, and workforce development. By empowering our survivors, they will be afforded an opportunity for a new future.