Standing Up To Domestic Violence Break the Silence

The BTSF Purple Gala

The Purple Gala was started to celebrate and uplift those individuals who have survived domestic violence and completed our Chrysalis Program workshops. It is an evening created to celebrate the beauty of life! The highlight of the gala is a fashion show featuring our domestic violence survivors as our models.

All proceeds from the gala go to BTSF, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to putting an end to domestic and child abuse.

The Purple Gala tm Founder 

Maribel Garcia hasn't always traveled an easy path. She is a survivor of both child abuse and domestic violence. As an adult, she suffered through abusive relationships that led her to attempt suicide. After overcoming her struggles, Maribel promised to dedicate her life to helping others end their cycle of violence. She started The Purple Gala as an uplifting and life-affirming event for fellow survivors.