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 October 2019 BTSF partners with AAFPRS, AMERICAN ACADEMY OF FACIAL AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY to work with their FACE TO FACE program nationwide.

FACE TO FACE- Domestic Violence Program

Provides low cost or pro bono facial plastic and reconstructive surgery to survivors of domestic violence in the US.  These efforts have helped to repair both physical and psychological scars and enables the individual to regain self-esteem on the journey to rebuilding their lives. For more information, click our FACE TO FACE tab.

June 2020, BTSF partners with Family Bridges USAFamily Bridges is a nonprofit organization that invites people to make their lives a more personally-fulfilling, happier, and healthier experience. We empower individuals with practical relationship skills such as communication, conflict resolution and problem solving. We also help them understand the role that emotions, forgiveness, gratitude, commitment and affection play in any relationship.


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Everyone deserves to live the best version of their lives. However, it's an unfortunate reality that domestic violence inhibits many people in our communities from leading a safe and rewarding lifestyle. Here at BTSF, we are ready to live up to our name and break the silence regarding this topic. Our team of compassionate individuals is here to support victims of domestic violence and help them escape any negativity in their lives. If you're a victim of domestic abuse or know someone in an abusive situation, contact us now for a range of domestic violence resources.

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In 2005, Maribel Garcia founded Break the Silence Foundation, Inc. (BTSF) as a 501(c)(3) organization with offices in Berwyn, IL. We offer support for domestic violence victims in the forms of crisis intervention, advocacy, self-improvement, healthy relationship workshops, self-defense, and workforce development. We provide a safe, violence-free environment and support to all program participants. In partnership with Family Bridges USA, our participants attend a series of workshops designed to help each participant end the cycle of abuse.

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